Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2019

Amal Perera’s Son Nadeemal Perera Reportedly Cleared Of Drug Use: Singer Expected To Be Released Today

Singer Nadeemal Perera is likely to be released today as the Dubai authorities have established that he was not under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest last week. 

Nadeemal is the son of popular singer Amal Perera who was also among the group arrested in Dubai last week, with drug kingpin Makandure Madhush. 

Our sources said eight people of the group had been cleared after a blood test carried out after their arrest by the Dubai Police authorities. 

However, Makandure Madhush, Amal Perera and nearly thirty people in the group had been under the influence of drugs at the time of the arrest. Using drugs is a punishable offence in Dubai and 

The group is expected to be presented before the court today. 

If the Dubai court decides to release Nadeemal Perera today, he can return to the country this week.