Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2018

Two buses collide in Melsiripura; nearly 60 hospitalized

A collision between a bus travelling from Jaffna to Embilipitiya and a bus travelling from Embilipitiya to Jaffna has caused this accident.

Reportedly, among the injured are a monk, a Buddhist nun, and the 2 drivers of the buses.

The injured has been admitted to Galewala, Kurunegala, Gokarella and Dambulla hospitals and about 20 people have suffered serious injuries from the accident.

According to the passengers in the buses, the buses had been travelling at a great speed and have collided with each other when they tried to align their buses on the road as a friendly teasing.

The two buses were revealed to be owned by the same person and some passengers say that the two drivers are often seen lighting lamps and signing at each other when they pass by on the road.

The residents in the area say that the injured were transported to hospitals in vehicles travelling on the road.

Vehicular traffic was interrupted for about 45 minutes on the Dambulla-Kurunegala highway and Gokarella and Galewela Police worked together to restore the traffic flow on the road.

Preliminary investigations reveal the cause of the accident to be negligent driving and playing around while driving, stated a officer of the Traffic Division of Gokarella Police.

Many seats of the buses had been dislodged and thrown forward, which had caused broken limbs and injuries to faces of the passengers.

Gokarella Police is conducting further investigations into the matter.

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