Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2018

Ranjan Shifts His Focus To Vijayakala: Hits Out At State Minister For Making “Very Irresponsible” Remark

Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake has now hot out at State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran over her remark on ‘resurrecting the LTTE’ to ensure the well-being of the Tamil community.

“Very irresponsible statement that all of us should condemn as we did to the Hitler comment, we saw how the terrorist LTTE established rule of law by killing civilians and even recruiting children as soldiers, we don’t need neither Prabakaran or Hitler,” Ramanayake tweeted.

Ramanayake, who was in the news over the past few days due to his remark on the recent New York Times article on Chinese debts, has now shifted his focus to Vijayakala Maheswaran.

Addressing a public gathering in Jaffna yesterday, Maheswaran, a member of the UNP, said her people lived under better conditions when the LTTE was in operation. She made this remark referring to the rape and the killing of a 6 year old girl in Jaffna.

Ministers Vajira Abeywardena and Thilak Marapana were also in the audience when Maheswaran made the controversial remarks.

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