Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

Mahinda Speaks After Victory: “I Don’t Intend To Become Prime Minister Now: We Have Many Other Things To Do”

Despite a clear victory at the Local Government elections, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said he did not intend to become the Prime Minister at this juncture.

“Don’t talk about it now. There are many other things to do,” Rajapaksa said, speaking to a group of journalists at his residence in Tangalle. The journalists asked whether the former President had plans to become the Prime Minister as he had won the election with a resounding margin.

“This is what we have been saying from the outset. The SLFP means not the party headquarters building at Darley Road or the name-board. There is more to it,” Rajapaksa said.

“We have to understand this result. This is a vote against dividing the country. This is a vote against selling our national assets,” he added.

The former President also said the government violated election laws and regulations in public. “Despite all odds, people have chosen make us victorious. That is a strong message to the government.”

“But, this is in fact a victory of the people,” Rajapaksa explained.

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