Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

Dayasiri blasts Janayugaya

For ‘Janayugaya’ newspaper, which is funded by profits obtained from the controversial Treasury Bonds deal, ‘acting according to the law’ is ‘enacting a comedy’, Sports Minister and lawyer Dayasiri Jayasekara had stated in Parliament.

“I have said before that a newspaper is being published by those behind the controversial Treasury Bonds deal. That newspaper is called Janayugaya,” Dayasiri said when speaking during the debate on the expenditure allocation for the Ministry of Finance and Mass Media.

“For the article on my decision to recall players who were on their way to India last week, Mawbima newspaper has given the headline ‘Dayasiri gaema athata gani (Dayasiri takes the matter into his hand) and ‘recalls the team that was at the airport.’ The headline is neutral. But Janayugaya has given the headline ‘kreeda emathi nadagamak natai (the Sports Minister has enacted a comedy). For them, acting according to the law is a comedy,” he said.

Jayasekara said that Janayugaya newspaper is attempting to convince the people that any action the Government takes according to the laws governing the nation, is equal to a comedy, because if laws are implemented it will be bad for the owners of the newspaper.

“If we try to investigate the treasury bond scam, arrest those responsible, find out how many papers are being printed with that money, who has received money, who has been given luxury apartments, that is creating a comedy for these people. They want the laws not to be implemented. However we must go on until the crooks are behind bars. The President has extended the tenure of the commission till 31 December. We must put the crooks behind bars and I say we must ensure that those responsible must pay back all the money we lost from the bond scam. If not they should be imprisoned for life,” he said.

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