Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Proposed plan to merge Mulleriyawa hospital with Neville Fernando hospital

Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that there is a proposed plan to merge Mulleriyawa hospital with Dr.Neville Fernando Teaching hospital and to convert it into a Base Hospital.

He made this statement at the foundation ston- laying ceremony of National Stroke treatment Centre Providing Complex at Colombo East Base Hospital, Mulleriyawa yesterday (11).

“My aim is to rename Mulleriya Hospital as Colombo East Base Hospital after merging it with Neville Fernando Teaching hospital. Neville Fernando Hospital is the most serene hospital in Sri Lanka with the latest and highest number of facilities. There is no hospital in Private Sector to match its standards.” the Minister said.

The Minister said that when Mulleriyawa hospital is merged with Dr.Neville Fernando Teaching hospital it will be then converted into a Hospital Complex.

“Then the public will have a hospital for Colombo East and Medical Faculty students will get the opportunity to use it” the Minister added.

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