Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

We will cripple country today -GMOA

The GMOA last night issued an unapologetic threat to “cripple the country today” in the public transport, health and education sectors.

“We will bring all operations of the country in these sectors to a grinding halt since the government is acting in an undemocratic manner,” GMOA President Dr. Navin de Zoysa told Ceylon Today last night.

He said, the Sri Lanka Railways will strike, but buses will operate despite the SLTB being supportive of our cause. All the teachers’ trade unions will also join us in the strike.

However, the CEB and the CPC will not be striking today, but they are very supportive of all of us and our cause and they will be staging demonstrations outside their respective head offices, the GMOA head said.

He said that members of 30 Unions were directly involved in the strike while there were 150 unions which were supportive but not physically involved in the strike action, he claimed.

The reason for the countrywide strike is our grouse about SAITM and the government’s attempt to sign the Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement ( ETCA) with India.

Meanwhile, the Locomotive Engine Drivers and Railway Guards will also stage a 24-hour strike walking out at 8 this morning.

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