Published On: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2017

Meethotamulla garbage dump on fire

A fire was reported at the Meethotamulla garbage dump and the Fire Brigade had been deployed to douse the blaze, the Police Media Unit said. Initial attempts to douse the fire failed as the firemen were unable to reach the affected area. However, the fire trucks were re-routed and later reached the area where the fire was blazing.

“Backhoes are also being used to create a buffer zone to prevent the fire from spreading. The residents closest to the fire must have been asked to evacuate,” a spokesman for the Police said.

Although there was no information about the severity of the fire, a large scale fire at a garbage dump can emanate toxic fumes.

In 2016 Several schools in Badulla were temporarily closed when students had to be hospitalized after inhaling smoke that emanated from a garbage dump at Badulupitiya.

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