Published On: Thu, Nov 24th, 2016

Large sums of money at institutions were misused: MP Buddhika Pathirana

befunky-collage-6Statements were made in Parliament on Wednesday, November 23 regarding the confusion which has arisen when searching for individuals responsible for transactions which took place during the previous administration.

UNP Parliamentarian Buddhika Pathirana said, with the politicisation which was prevalent during the previous regime, large sums of money at institutions were misused.

“Since your ministry has failed to intervene and take the necessary legal action in this regard, those suspected to be responsible for these crimes remain at large. Do you admit that?”, he added.

“I think I may have to admit that whether I like or not”, Deputy Minister of Sate Enterprises and Entrepreneurship Eran Wickramaratne said, “The reason for that might be a shortcoming in the legal framework”.

He pointed out an example from last month, where Sri Lankan Airlines has had to pay 98 million US Dollars or Rs.14.5 billion for terminating the agreement pertaining to three flights.

Speaking again, MP Buddhika Pathirana said to the Honourable Speaker that “if we are stuck in a state of dilemma not knowing what to do when millions of rupees are misused, and unsure as to whom we have to file cases against, then for a country which uses the tax payers money to pay off its debt, we are facing a massive tragedy.”

Are they being formulated in a manner which will be applicable for past crimes as well, he asked of “these laws which are being formulated.”

Speaking further, MP Eran Wickramaratne said, “If Parliament decides that it should be done, we are ready to do so. I must also say that we are ready to do this for the matter of the bond issue as well.

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