Published On: Sun, Oct 16th, 2016

6 hrs. a day power cut from 2018?

664bec89780d59c3d4cab9fbe344b97a_lA power cut of between one and three hours per day is likely from 2018 due to the failure to generate electricity as expected, and the hours could be extended to six hours a day during dry weather, energy experts warn.

One of the two reasons for this situation is the non-construction of the second phase of Kerawalapitiya power plant and the plant at Sampur by that time.

The other is that the 900 mw coal power plant in Puttalam will stop supplying 600 mw as it has to undergo crucial repairs in 2018.

There are questions as to whether the financial ability and technical issues could fulfill targets of constructing between 2017 and 2020 two power plants with a combined capacity of 270 mw, a gas turbine power plant, a LNG power plant and three hydropower plants, with all these targeting to generate 1,230 mw of power.

As a solution, the CEB could either buy more electricity from the private sector, or raise electricity rates in order to discourage a higher use.

The demand will increase several fold as a result of the major hotel and other projects now nearing completion.

Electricity from India?

Energy experts express doubts as to whether a plan to buy 500 mw of electricity from India could become a reality, as it was only an arrangement envisaged by the Indian energy institute to supply via an underground line.

A similar plan previously had to be abandoned as it was not practical.

Therefore, it would be important to introduce a solar energy project, energy experts stress, adding that the existing solar energy project has various weaknesses.

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