Published On: Sat, Jul 16th, 2016

Lasantha murder : Sergeant Major arrested

48a412e391fc64efde498a5e52c82be8_LA Sergeant Major of the Army intelligence named Udalagama has been arrested in connection with the Lasantha Wickremetunga murder.

The arrest was made yesterday and he is to be produced before courts today (16).

Speaking to ’Sri Lanka Mirror’, a senior police officer said that there is clear evidence which proves this officer was connected to the murder.

In the recent past, the CID has questioned around 20 Army personnel over this murder case.

However, speaking to ’Sri Lanka Mirror’, a senior Army officer said that military personnel are at unease after such officers who had done an immense service during the war, are being arrested needlessly in this manner.

“The Sergeant Major arrested yesterday had no connection to the Lasantha murder. The CID is playing around with National Security. The Intelligence unit is already in a crisis due to the recent influences they had to face with. No one is talking about this today. It is a regrettable situation,” he said.

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