Published On: Thu, Jul 14th, 2016

Parents involved in the Meegahatenna Primary School controversy writes to Prez and PM

maithri-and-ranilParents whose children were refused admission in to the grade one of Meegahatenna Primary School has written to the President and Prime Minister regarding their plight.

The parents requesting a proper programme to ensure the education of the nine students who were affected by the issue, added that they are not willing to admit their children into any school other than the Meegahatenna Primary.

The parents added that they do not hold any grudges against the school principal or teachers over the incidents that took place.

They requested the President and PM to create an environment for the children to go into the school and study.

Giving an alternative solution, the parents has stated that in case the students were admitted in to the C. W. W. Kannangara Central College in Matugama they should be exempt of school fees and provided with bus fares for up to at least two years.

They also asked to remove the security official at the college and replace her with another, as she is responsible for the brawl that erupted at the school premises.

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