Published On: Sun, Jun 12th, 2016

Ranjan rejects offer

79449_ranjan-ramanayaka9846Deputy Minister of Social Services, Welfare and Livestock Development, Ranjan Ramanayake told that he had ” rejected the financial offer made to MPs to purchase new tax -free vehicles”.

“We have asked the public to tighten their belts to pay back the debts of the previous government so I feel it’s up to us to also set an example with austerity. That is why I refused this on the very day this estimate was approved and immediately sent a letter to the Ministry rejecting it,” he noted.

He added that he was against this whole estimate of allocating Rs 1,175 million for tax-free vehicles because “we had made a promise after 8 January to refuse procuring vehicles with public finances.There is a staggering amount of money, trillions of rupees we have to pay back to ameliorate debts incurred by the Rajapaksa regime . So we have to understand that the people are facing several hardships these days.

As a country we have to pull together in order to rescue Sri Lanka from the burden of these debts. Even the honourable President Maithripala Sirisena has said that he only uses second hand bulletproof vehicles. Therefore, we also need to set a commendable example as well,” he added.

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