Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

Salawa fire investigations is ongoing- Railway service restored

Kosgama-blastInvestigations are still underway at the Salawa Army Camp in Kosgama, Avissawella where a fire broke out. The Sri Lanka Army and the CID are carrying out investigations at the scene.

Following an order by the National Security Council, the Army Commander has appointed a separate preliminary investigation court to look into the cause of fire.

All schools that were closed as a result of the incident in Seethawaka, Padukka and Dompe Educational Zones will be reopened today, but seven schools will remain closed.

Accordingly, Akarawita Maha Vidyalaya, Salawa Watte Primary School, Kaluaggala Siddhartha Vidyalaya, Kosgama Sumedha Vidyalaya, St. John Bosco College, Kadugoda Kanishta Vidyalaya and Kosgama Maha Vidyalaya will be closed.

They will be reopened after the buildings are checked and cleaned, officials said.

It is reported that another 24 hours will be taken to open the Colombo- Avissawella main road.

Vehicles hailing from Colombo can reach Avissawella through Hanwella, Pugoda, Kananpella area.

Vehicles from Avissawella to Colombo can take the route through Thalduwa, Urupola, Hanwella.

However, the Kelaniweli Railway service was restored. The Railway Department said train service from Avissawella to Colombo is underway.

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