Published On : Tue, May 31st, 2016

State Minister Hizbullah resigns

a135ccd0e8fef992fb706afa52252717_LA. L.M. Hizbullah, State Minister of Rehabilitation and Reconciliation, has went abroad after submitting the letter of resignation to the President.

A group of State Ministers are also to resign from their ministerial portfolios as a mean of protest as they have not been assigned with relevant subject areas yet.

They allege that though the President and the Prime Minister at 6 Cabinet Meetings held in the recent past have instructed the Cabinet Ministers to assign them with subject areas, no measure has been taken pertaining to it.

The distressed State Ministers state that many State Ministers have to waste time at their respective ministries and some Cabinet Ministers do not even invite them for the events at the particular institutes.

Due to the prevailing situation certain State Ministers who represent minority parties have even stopped visiting the ministry.

Accordingly, the state ministers are to meet the President and Prime Minister before the next parliament session on 07 June and if a solution was not provided, except for few, all the other State Ministers have decided to resign from their ministerial portfolios.

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