Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2016

FCID facing closure soon!

FCIDThe FCID is facing closure very soon, a senior police official told.

It will be established as a unit affiliate to the CID, he said.

Its imminent closure is confirmed by the fact that the identity cards have not been extended for the civil staff members of the anti-corruption committee secretariat that files complaints to the FCID.

Their identity cards expired on April 08, but have now been extended until June 30 only.

This secretariat is tasked with making a preliminary investigation into complaints by the public with regard to fraud, corruption and irregularities and hand them over to the IGP for further action.

It has so far directed nearly 70 files to the FCID, which has concluded its investigations and the files sent to the Attorney General‘s Department.

The AG’s Department has taken steps to file charges in courts.

UNP allies too, accused

The government is considering closing the FCID, as certain of its own MPs and ministers as well as public officials with links to them are accused of corruption.

The most immediate instance is the FCID’s having attempted recently to arrest Hema Premawardena, an additional secretary to the prime minister.

She held a top position on tourism promotion under Basil Rajapaksa’s economic development ministry, and stands accused of having misused more than Rs. seven million of state money during the previous regime.

Jayawardena was to be arrested on AG’s instructions, but police had to abandon it after a top political figure intervened.

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