Published On: Sun, May 15th, 2016

Finance minister doesn’t know the maximum price of dhal!

ff4c48e8e4cca79a8a40b1608b7c961a_LThe Movement for the Protection of Consumer Rights accuses finance minister Ravi Karunanayake of not knowing the maximum retail price imposed on dhal.

The movement’s president Ranjith Withanage refers in a statement to a remark made by Karunanayake at a meeting in Colombo on May 13.

The minister said on the occasion the government was providing essential commodities at low prices and claimed the price of a kilo of dhal was in the range of Rs. 160 – Rs. 190.

The gazette extraordinary issued on 24 November 2015 states the maximum retail price of a kilo of dhal is Rs. 169.

However, the current selling price in the market is Rs. 220.

Withanage notes in the statement that spurious traders could exploit the minister’s remark to their advantage.

Both the minister and the Consumer Affairs Authority should make a clear declaration on this matter, he adds.

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