Published On: Tue, May 3rd, 2016

No point in conducting disciplinary inquires

S M ChabdrasenaMP S.M Chandrasena says that conducting disciplinary inquiries on SLFP ministers who participated at the Joint Opposition (JO) May Day rally, will be baseless.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the North Central Province Minister of Irrigation, Land and Rural Development S. B. Samarasinghe participated in both rallies organized by UPFA and the Joint Opposition.

He noted that he participated in both the rallies as he disliked the division between the parties.

SLFP General Secretary, Duminda Dissanayaka says that a Central Committee meeting will be held in the following few days. He added that a decision will be arrived at with regard to disciplinary action taken on the SLFP members who participated at the Joint opposition rally.

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