Published On: Sat, Apr 2nd, 2016
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Windows Ink Wants to Integrate Paper and Pen to Your Computer

unnamedThe next update of Windows 10 will have a new exclusive feature. While electronic devices have taken over our lives, There are still many works that need pen and paper. Microsoft knows that and during its developer conference it announced Windows Ink, a new addition to the update which will arrive in mid-year. At first glance, Windows Ink does not seem new because the use of Surface Pen is something we have seen for some time in the latest versions of Windows. The interesting thing is that Windows Ink will be integrated in a more intuitive way to the operating system.

During the conference, it showed a sidebar called Ink Workspace in which you can access various applications ranging from Sketchpad Sticky notes or to other suggested by the application store. Microsoft says the experience is similar to when you write with paper and pen, even the system can recognize certain texts and formats. Another interesting demonstration was in the proofreading, where the highlighted text with the pen performs various actions like delete or highlight certain parts of Word document.

Microsoft says the experience is designed for all types of screens and can be enjoyed for free in the update Anniversary. Update will be available during this summer.

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