Published On : Fri, Mar 25th, 2016

‘No hike in telephone charges despite VAT’


There will not be any increase in telephone tariffs following the proposed tax amendments by the government, said Sri Lanka Telecom Chairman Kumarasinghe Sirisena.

He pointed out that neither the Finance Ministry nor the government has made any directives in this regard when Ada Derana Biz inquired whether there would be any tariff hikes on telephone charges after 01 April 2016 following the proposed tax amendments.

He further added, “Up to now there has been no official intimation whether or not the 15 per cent VAT hike for telephone services. In case this is included, then a larger sum would have to be paid in addition to the existing tax of 31 per cent. However, there is no reason for both these taxes to be imposed. If it is imposed, then it has to be one of these two.

“There are various opinions being expressed that telephone charges would increase through this. However, we are examining various means where concessions could be offered to the public. I do not expect any changes in the existing tariffs even if the new tax amendments are implemented.”

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